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Global South Bats

Our mission is to connect and empower bat conservation allies in the Global South where locally-led research and wildlife protection are most needed.

We work together and share knowledge to find solutions to common bat conservation challenges.

Living and working in hotspots of bat biodiversity, we face many of the same knowledge gaps, threats and opportunities. Now is the time to join forces and advance bat research and conservation.

Bats are our allies. but they need us too…

plant species rely on bats to pollinate their flowers, including mango and bananas!

of insects are eaten by bats every night, they make the best pest controllers to protect our crops

bat species are on the endangered list and need our help

Our vision


a new generation of bat conservationists


researchers across the global south to create a network


the importance of bats as ecosystem service providers in each of our countries and ensure their effective conservation


conservation efforts and create the guidelines to achieve common conservation goals

GSB team

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We’re building a network for bat protectors in the Global South.

Together, we’ll provide resources, organize courses, discussion groups, facilitate mentorships, and provide community.


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