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Why are we fundraising?

Bats are essential to the survival of the ecosystems they inhabit. In many cases, they are recognised as “keystone species”. Without bats’ pollination and seed-dispersing services, local ecosystems could gradually collapse.

Despite their critical role, bats are largely misunderstood, undervalued and understudied.

The Global South is home to over 1000 of the 1426 known bat species, which means our region is disproportionately affected by gaps in our collective bat knowledge. The limited efforts and resources dedicated to bat conservation are too often coordinated by institutions in the Global North, leaving bat advocates in the Global South without the infrastructure, network and tools to further their own work.

We’re here to change this. And we need your help.

How will donations be used?

Global South Bats is overwhelmingly powered by volunteers.

We’re using 100% of donations we receive to fund the costs of running the network. Any additional funds will go towards supporting our members by providing tools, resources and sponsorship.

Our mission is to further bat research and conservation in the Global South by connecting and empowering bat advocates.

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Who can donate?

The short answer is: everyone!

Thanks to our sponsors, we’re able to offer membership to the network free for the first year. However, we particularly encourage established members of our community and those who can afford it to support us by making a voluntary donation.

When you donate, you are helping the future generation of bat advocates in the Global South to continue our important work.

If you would like to donate on behalf of an organisation, please get in touch with us.

Are donations tax deductible?

Charitable contributions may be tax deductible. This will depend on the status of Global South Bats in your country, and your country’s tax laws.

Global South Bats is currently registered as a charity in: Mexico.


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