We are the next generation of united bat conservationists

Connecting and empowering bat conservation allies in the Global South where locally-led research for wildlife protection are most needed.

We are the bat guardians

We are a dedicated team working to strengthen the voice of those working for wildlife across the Global South.

We range from early career conservationists to established experts who believe we can achieve more by cooperating across our rich & diverse nations.

Why the Global South?

The term ‘Global South’ refers to developing countries which are located primarily in the Southern Hemisphere. It is a term coined by economists that we have adopted as it represents the places where biodiversity is the highest, but where economic and social challenges are also huge.

Join our network

We’re building a network for bat protectors in the Global South.

Together, we’ll provide resources, organize courses, discussion groups, facilitate mentorships, and provide community.

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My participation at WAMF
My participation at WAMF

My participation in the West African Mammal Fellowship (WAMF) in Nigeria, 2022 - watch the video!

Global South Bats is back – and with a new face
Global South Bats is back – and with a new face

During the last two years, we've created a new brand and website to state clearly our purpose and motivations, and ...

A Story Map about the 2020 Kenya course
A Story Map about the 2020 Kenya course

One of the goals I had for the end of the course was to build up a Story Map about the experience.


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